The Value in working with Sheffield Premier Group

The Value in working with Stevie Sheffield or Megan Sheffield,

Sheffield Premier Group/Bentwood Realty

Are you thinking about selling your home in or around Waco, Texas? Do you know what the Waco, Texas Real Estate market is like? We would love to be your Realtor of choice.  Please allow us to show you why your call is the only call you need to make.

Any Realtor Can…

  • Research and develop a CMA based on comps
  • Complete the listing/Buying representation agreement
  • Take photos or have photos taken
  • Input the information into MLS
  • Place ads in
  • Zillow and other websites, Create flyers
  • Schedule broker tour/luncheon
  • Hold Open House
  • Send Buyers listing of homes in MLS
  • Show Property
  • Negotiate offers
  • Go to inspections
  • Communicate with title companies
  • Attend closing
  • Give a closing gift

The Added Advantage of Working with Stevie Sheffield

  • Waco Natives – We use my life long experience of having lived and sold properties through out Waco to provide us with valuable historical knowledge of growth, marketability and home values for the area.

    Having lived most of my our lives in this area. Our family on both sides live here. We attended elementary, high school and even college here. We began our real estate careers here.

  • Area Specialist –  We utilized the market data, personal contacts and vast experience within the Woodway, Hewitt and the McGregor portion of Midway ISD to fully develop this area as our primary market.

    Our roots are deep in the Midway ISD, Woodway and Hewitt area, having lived here 20+ years. Megan attended school at Midway, our friends live in this area and we support the many different businesses in this area.

  • Experienced Sales Professional –  Stevie’s diverse corporate experience has made me stronger, efficient, precise in target marketing, promoting, contract negotiating, conflict resolution  and  project management.

    Sales has long been our calling and passion.  It is what we have discovered we do best.  This is most evident in the fact that both of our  entire working careers have been in sales from retail, technology, advertising, public relations and real estate.

  • Client Advocate Driven – We firmly  believe it our my duty to keep working every single angle possible to succeed in our clients reaching the closing table with a sense of satisfaction.  We won’t give up if you won’t.

    “Drive, tenacity and dedication to my family inspired me to go back to college at Baylor University to earn my degree in Marketing while raising 3 young children and a husband (not that I was raising him but…).  This is the same drive, tenacity and dedication I share with my clients to win them the results they seek in selling or buying a home.”…Stevie Sheffield

  • Service Heart – Most importantly, it’s about never forgetting that,  our client’s SUCCESS IS ABSOLUTELY MORE IMPORTANT THAN OUR SUCCESS. This is our first rule of Real Estate.

    We have a deep sense of pride and obligation to our community and the people in it.  If it takes a village, then it all relies on us because, We Are the Village.  We do our best to give back volunteering with organizations such as American Cancer Society, Avance, Historic Waco Brazos River Festival, Habitat for Humanity, Child Protective Services and more. Our desire to serve the community is equal to the desire to serve our clients.  We best serve our clients by first, truly caring. Buying or selling a home changes peoples lives and we always want it to be for the best.  It’s more than putting it in MLS and making flyers.  It’s all about the people, listening to them, being available to them to answer any and all questions and concerns.

The Difference Matters. Are You Ready to Experience the Difference?